Field Service Lightning Certification Guide

I’ve been hearing on FSL for the last one year and wanted to get some hands on to it. Then there was this salesforce training conducted at my company premises and I had the opportunity to attend it. That was first time I ever got my first views on FSL. The training was really great and awesome with lots of hands on. Afterwards I was bit unlucky to work on any FSL projects, however been learning on the FSL via trailhead and salesforce help & training. Lucky enough that the developer sandbox that was provided during my training is still valid. So here I am, today I have cleared the FSL certification and thought of sharing some views and guides on the certification.

Please find the links and notes that would help to clear the FSL certification.

  1. Exam Guide
    1. Old Pattern until *Feb 26th (Not sure when was the exact last date for old pattern):
    2. New Pattern-March 2020 Exam:
      2. New Sections:
        1. Managing Resources
        2. Configuring Maintenance Plans
        3. Permissions and Sharing
  2. Trailhead Topics
    1. Complete the FSL training
      Very much useful & most important to understand what is FSL and what are available. Need to get handons.
      I had revisited the entire pdf that was used in the FSL training against the org that was given to us during training.
    2. Completed the Trailmix –
    3. Trailhead Modules/Trailmixes
      1. Field Service Lightning Basics
      2. Supercharge Field Service Lightning
      3. Get on the Road with Field Service Lightning
      4. Field Service Lightning Scheduling
      5. Field Service Dispatcher Console for Dispatchers
  3. FSL Data Model
    1. This is very important to analyze the scenario questions.
    2. (Pages 2-10)
    3. There was a question based on if we can assign a Service Appointment directly to customer.
  4. Help & Training Topics
    1. Dispatcher Console
      1. Important topic. Many questions came around this.
      2. Create custom list view for the Gantt.  – a question like how to see the service appointments that are in violation.
      3. What is available on the Gantt & Map views.
    2. Configuring Maintenance Plan
      1. How the work orders/ WOLI gets created on choosing the picklist options available.
      4. A question came on one service appointment per work order or one service appointment per work order line item should be chosen if customer want cost effective service.
    3. Permissions and Sharing
      1. What are available on each of FSL permissions/ License. Which permission/license to provide on a scenario.
      5.  (Page 2)
      6. Focus on what is available  for Dispatcher and Technician.
    4. Managing Assets – Questions on asset hierarchy.
    5. General
    6. Managing Resources
      2. – Question on scenario of Different types of absences.
      4. There was a question on Where would a consultant choose to create skills for the given scenario. – If am not wrong skills can be created from setup menu (service cloud feature), Guided setup (when you create work type), Work type related list.
    7. Service Crew
      1. How to create and why /when this is required based on a scenario – Question came.
    8. Multi-day Service Appointment
    9. Manage Resource Shifts
    10. Timesheets
      3. There was question on from where a consultant will setup time sheet. (Setup menu)
    11. Map & Travel
      2. – A question based on which routing options would be preferred to have accurate travel time calculation. (SLR. Predictive routing was not in options)
      3. – A question of when/what info will be shown if the technician’s mobile is outside the network.
    12. Multiday Service Appointments
    13. Field Service Lightning Limits and Limitations
      1. No questions with number limits. Just on functionality limits
    14. Scheduling and Optimization
      3. – Spring ’20 Feature. – No question, but I see a possibility on this for spring exam.
    15. Routing for Technician Travel
    16. Complex Work
      1. – how to configure it.
    17. Scheduling Policies
      1. Scenario questions on which is best scheduling policy. got one on when there are lot appointments and less agents. – Try to analyze the question with the literal meaning.
      3. Have an idea of What is available on OOTB on the below:
        1. Scheduling Policies
        2. Work Rules
        3. Service Objectives
    18. Return Order
      1. Questuon based on which is best way to optimize return/ replacement cost – Customer will have one SA return order per asset or multiple SA return order line item for every asset.
    19. Mobile App
      4. Question on what is possible with Quick actions for the technicians.
    20. FSL Knowledge
      2. Still not sure if a technician can attach articles to work order/workorder line items or is it just the agent who does it for them. – The more I read, the more confused I became.
      3. There was a question on the above scenario as well.

Note: The  quizlet/proprofs sample questions that is being circulated is good to understand how to handle scenarios. Maybe I got around 2-3 ditto questions from that. Please don’t rely on it solely.


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